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Looking for a place to upload your study materials?

Join students from 44 faculties and 15 universities.

We believe that students should share their knowledge in order to succeed.

So we built a private portal where students can share and discuss everything needed for successful school completion.

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We also provide special section for teachers, to communicate and distribute files to students.

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↓ What is new ↓

We will split 300€ among students

You can get 5€ for each useful post that get up-voted by 5 people. Limit per faculty is 30€.

PS: you can still win new Nexus 5X phone

Phones ready

We have optimized our web page for easy usage from your phone. Check out this video to see how fast you can upload "useful photo" :)

Formatting text in posts

We have added formatting options for all posts. Now you can used bold, italic, change font size, insert pictures to the text and also create nice tables.


We have created and printed these flyers. If you want to help us distribute them in your area, contact us (by feedback, e-mail or facebook).

Movie section

There is now experimental movie section full of current movie releases information. Daily updated!